Oil Transfer Pump Fuel Kit

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 Fuel Transfer Pump Kit

Oil hand pumps that are lightweight and portable are perfect for a variety of machines without anti-theft filters, including lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, and more. Additionally functions as a water changer for your home fish tank.


  • Premium Quality Rubber Hand Pump with 2 flexible and durable PVC transparent hoses, upgraded 15MM thick diameter nozzle, large diameter and large flow rate, faster and easier for oil pumping. It comes with two fixed hose clips to secure it in place. No flow will ooze out.
  • Multi-Use Siphon Hand Pump Siphon Hand Pump for Gasoline, Oil, Water, and Other Common Liquids. ideal for emergency gas transfer. It is easy to carry and store. Tips: In order to use the oil siphon pump properly, the source container should be placed in a higher position than the target container.

  • Easy to Use - lightweight and portable siphon hand fuel pump, suitable for various vehicles without an anti-theft filter net, such as brush cutters, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, etc.
  • Attention Never start the siphon process with your mouth; it's extremely dangerous and grossly inefficient. It is not suitable for drinking water, salt water, or any chemical or corrosive liquid.

  • The fluid you are trying to extract has to be higher than the influent bucket. The fitting end must be kept inside of the fluid, not just on the surface.

Safety Precautions

Saltwater and caustic liquids are not recommended.

You must pour into a bucket that is higher than the liquid you are draining.

In the container, not on the surface, keep the hose.

only applies to automobiles without a oil protection net.

Hose Wall Thickness

A 2mm PVC hose that has a high level of sealing and corrosion resistance as well as a longer service life is included in the package. It is easily cuttable to suit requirements.

Oil Resistant Rubber

Direct extraction, built-in shut-off valve design that forms a circulation system, user-friendly, and makes it simple to stop the liquid flow and prevent overflow and backflow

Two-Way Stop Valve

When the manual oil hand pump is operating, the clever design holds the water pipe in a fixed position.

How to use: 1. Require for gravity


  1. The source fluid must be at least 11 inches above the destination fluid (the greater the height difference, the better).
  2. Each hose should have a clip on one end, and the hoses should be connected to both ends of the pump ball.
  3. With the clips, the pump casing and hose end are held together so they won't come loose or leak.
  4. Put the input hose into the source fluid while making sure the rubber ball's indicator arrow is facing the direction of the outlet flow. The pump ball should then be squeezed 3–4 times.
  5. Put the output hose into the target container and wait until the liquid reaches the rubber ball. After that, the liquid will flow normally again.
  6. The rubber ball must be manually pressed to pump the fluid when the liquid level at the bottom of the source container is too low and the pressure is insufficient to keep the fluid flowing naturally.

2. No requirement for gravity


  1. Between the source container and the target container, there is no minimum height restriction.
  2. Each hose should have a clip on one end so that you can attach it to the rubber ball ends.
  3. To prevent the hose from coming loose or leaking, clamps should be used to secure the connection.
  4. Placing the rubber ball's indicator arrow in the direction of flow, insert the input hose into the source fluid. then press the rubber ball three to four more times.
  5. Put the output hose into the target container and wait until the liquid reaches the rubber ball. After that, the liquid will flow normally again.
  6. Next, squeeze the rubber ball with your palm to regulate the flow until the transfer is complete.

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Customer Reviews

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Some assembly required

Should have came with instructions so you are on your own figuring out exactly what to do, what to cut, and where to clamp but you can figure it out. Works well!

It is a pump NOT a siphon

As a fuel tank emptying pump it gets high marks. I cannot provide any judgement of how it would perform for any other task.I do want to note this is NOT a siphon. It does not maintain a suction providing continuing drainage, instead this is pump you must squeeze and release until the tank is empty. I only had about a gallon of fuel in my tank so not a big deal. I think if I had had a large full tank, I would have been a bit annoyed. Please for the sake of truth in advertising remove the word siphon from your ad.

Works as Expected

Since it's a manual pump it can be a little difficult to operate at times and the suction power may seems difficult, but otherwise it works just fine. I was able to transfer fuel from my lawn mower back to the storage container.

Works Well!

Bought this for the SRR and it works fine for quick transfers from one boat or canister to another or quick starting a larger unit.Captain Guide Gear ApprovedCapt. CasCaptain Guide Gear

Works as it is supposed to

Works perfectly for moving water from my 5 gallon water bottles into my feed containers for my indoor garden, the plastic bulb is cheaply made and sounds like it's going to crack every time I press it. For a sometimes use I guess it would work fine.

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