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Multifunctional Inflatable Car Bed Mattress

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 Multifunctional Inflatable Car Bed Mattress is a multifunctional Inflatable Car Mattress that fits out on your car so you can sleep anywhere. It can be inflated to provide a comfortable sleeping area in any car or van. It is made of durable polyester and features a continuous coil that makes it possible to adjust to any shape or size. This convenient accessory called a Car Back Seat Bed lets you take a rest whenever or wherever you need it, whether you're travelling for business or other purposes. Simply pull the bed out when you need it, fill it up with air using the dedicated pump included in the kit, and let your weary travellers relax on this comfortable Car Bed. This set includes an air pillow that allows for comfortable sleeping without disturbing those around you; it's also adjustable, so it fits perfectly within the bed frame.

    • MULTIPURPOSE INFLATABLE CAR MATTRESS - Multifunctional inflatable car mattress is ideal for use in any mainstream model of sedans SUVs and minivans to provide a comfortable environment for a long car trip or create more room for rest, sleep, or playtime.

    • ROBUST AND DURABLE - The offered car SUV air bed is made of PVC, sleek black flocked material it feels like a soft feather durable and tear-resistant fabric to transform your car back seat into a comfortable and luxurious bed.

    • SUPER LOAD-BEARING CAPACITY - This inflatable mattress has a high load-bearing capacity and one can easily share the space or you can create the space for kids as a play area during a long journey or your road trip.
    • QUICK INFLATION & EASY STORAGE - It is quite easy even for a kid to inflate this air mattress with the provided electrical air pump that can be connected to the cigarette lighter or car charging port to quickly flow up and down within 2 minutes.

    • ENSURES COMPLETE COMFORT - Car Air Mattress provides a comfortable environment by reducing the vibration and bumps during driving. It also effectively blocks the noise from the bottom of the vehicle to ensure a quiet environment for sleeping.

    FAQs -

    Question:Is the bottom piece detachable so that you could just you the mattress as normal if you wanted?

    Answer:Yes the bottom one and mattress are two separate pieces

    Question:Does it devflate with the enclosed pump?

    Answer:No. I had to release the air manually 

    Question:Does the floor cushions come detached from bed its self ?

    Answer:Yes they are two separate pieces

    Question:Are the pillows sewed in? Because I want to use my own pillows.

    Answer:They are not. They are separate inflatables.

    Question:Do you think this would work on a plane if you have a whole row of seats empty

    Answer:Does it fit the Toyota Highlander back split seat

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