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360° Rotating Mobile Stand and Tablet

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 360° Rotating Base Multifunctional Aluminum Mobile Stand and Tablet 

Experience seamless convenience with our innovative tablet and smartphone stand. Featuring a 360° rotating base, this stand allows effortless movement with just one hand, making it ideal for presenting ideas or discussing business concepts. Bid farewell to the hassle of readjusting traditional tablet stands.

Compatibility is key:

our adjustable mobile stand is suitable for both tablets and smartphones, catering to iOS and Android devices alike. From iPads to Samsung Galaxy Tabs, this stand accommodates a wide array of gadgets.

Enjoy smart viewing:

With our smartphone stand, you can indulge in horizontal viewing for watching content on your device. Engage in video calls or leisurely browsing with the vertical view option, all while liberating your hands.

Mobile & Tablet Stand:

This tablet stand is designed for mobility, easily collapsible to fit into backpacks, purses, or luggage for travel. Wherever you go, this mobile stand offers ergonomic excellence like never before. Embrace the future of hands-free convenience with our smart mobile holder.

Working Partner
Suitable for different occasions. Foldable design gives you a comfortable angle when meetings.

Game Assistant
Use the tablet holder to comfortably watch movies, play games, record videos, etc.

Drawing Partner
Effective design allows you to obtain a range of viewing angles, brings convenience to your life.

 FAQs -

Q: What are the dimensions of the plate that the tablet leans on?
A: 4 inch wide and 4.5 inch tall. The ledge that would hold your i-pad or tablet is 1/2 inch in depth. My 6.5 inch x 9 inch tablet fits perfectly. 

Q: Will it work for my Galaxy z fold?
A: You can put your cell phone on it and use it as a charge station. But adding a tablet, or IPad or an IPad Pro that stand will not hold. I have tried and the stands this stand is not made for a Tablet, IPad or an IPad, Pro. To me the description on this item was Mis leading.

Q: How high up does the stand bring my tablet?
A: The tablet holder can raise the tablet from 0 to 57mm/2.24 inches.
Hope it helps

Q: Will this support a 15.6" portable monitor?
A: I use it for my tablet (9.5" x 6.5") and that is about the largest it can handle

Q: What is the dimension of the base plate?
A: The dimension of the base plate is 120mmX125mmX6mm.
Hope it helps.


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