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Reusable Study Book

Reusable Study Book

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This kids books or magic practice copy book for kids is a good sank magic practice copy book for kids and this calligraphy books Is also known as copy notebook, drawing book, magic book, magic book for kids, snack magic practice copy book, writing book etc. We provide magic book with magic pen.

This mini book is also your kids drawing book. This is good writing practice books kids magic kids practice copy book. This magic drawing book magic notebook. It can be a magic practice book, magic water coloring book, magic writing book, note book set, note pads for writing etc. This is a reusable magic notebook for kids also known as sank magic book, school books, smart book, class monitor reusable exercise book etc.

Magic Practice Copybook, Number Tracing Book For Preschoolers With Pen, Magic Calligraphy Copybook Set Practical Reusable Writing Tool Simple Hand Lettering.

  • For children, it’s important for them to go to preschool education which is easier to correct the gesture and writing method of holding the pen. The interesting activities in the workbook can bring a lot of educational fun for your children. Each preschool copybook page contains interesting, effective and practical exercises so that children can get valuable eye-hand coordination and other handwriting skills.
  • It is a good way of early education. Children can develop basic skills while playing our preschool workbook! This series of workbooks contains a wealth of exercises to help children develop the eye-hand coordination skills necessary for learning to write clearly.
  • For each transcript, we offer a set of pencil jackets for you. It’s convenient for children to reuse this copybook because the handwriting will disappear within 15 minutes of writing. It’s includes1 pen holder and 5 refills, children can practice for a long time.
  • The paper is thick, not easy to smudge and not easy to stain. The pen holder is made of silicone, which is 100% safe for children.
  • Building basic skills helps your little ones learn their letters, numbers and pictures on every page. It is a great tool for developing fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.


Reusable Writing

The pen with special ink will gradually fade within 30 minutes after writing, and the books are reusable.

Groove design

The books are designed with special grooves which can lead your handwriting correct and beautiful!

Easy to turn and durable.

The paper are thick and durable. Children may take it with them anywhere and paint as they like.


Grips- Soft pen cover

This set contains a pen and a grip with random color. It not only helps correct writing grip posture but also makes the writing more funny.



Q: How many refills and pens are in this pack?
A: 2 pens and 10 refills

Q: Can we erase and again use it ?
A: Yes

Q: Age 11 can use this ?
A: Yes

Q: Can we purchase refile separately ?
A: Yes,You can purchase separately.
Q: How many pages each copybook have ?
A: 8 page

Q: We can write and rough ?
A: Its magical notebook as once we write on it it erases automatically within few minutes.
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