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Introducing DusterPro: Revolutionize Your Cleaning Routine

Experience unmatched convenience and efficiency in cleaning with DusterPro, the pinnacle of home cleaning tools tailored for high ceilings and inaccessible corners.

Features of DusterPro:

  • Bendable & Extendable: Reach every nook and cranny effortlessly with its flexible 90° bendable head and extendable telescopic rod, providing up to 280 cm of reach.

  • Versatile Cleaning: From ceiling fans to light fixtures, DusterPro adapts to clean various surfaces with ease, ensuring a thorough and hassle-free cleaning experience.

  • Hassle-Free Dusting: Crafted from premium microfiber, DusterPro traps dust and dirt effectively, leaving your home allergen-free and pristine.

  • Pro-Quality Cleaning: Designed for durability and practicality, it offers pro-quality cleaning results for hard-to-reach areas and high surfaces.

  • Allergen-Free Home: The washable microfiber head ensures easy maintenance and long-term use, effectively capturing allergens and keeping your home environment clean and healthy.

Long Handle For High Reach:

Tackle towering heights effortlessly with DusterPro’s long handle, extending up to 100 inches. Perfect for cleaning ceiling fans, light fixtures, and other elevated surfaces, it simplifies your cleaning tasks with its ergonomic design.

Bendable Head:

The sturdy yet flexible design allows the brush head to be adjusted up to 90°, reaching tricky angles and corners effortlessly. Equipped with a unique Soft Rubber Tip, it ensures gentle yet effective dust removal without scratching delicate surfaces.

Washable & Detachable Microfiber Head:

Crafted from premium microfiber, the detachable head can be hand washed with ease, maintaining its effectiveness and cleanliness over time. It’s designed to lock in dust and dirt, ensuring a thorough cleaning session every time.

Storage-Friendly Design:

Designed with practicality in mind, DusterPro features a hanging hole at the base of the telescopic rod, making storage convenient and efficient. Hang it in your closet or storage room without occupying much space.

Versatile Cleaning Tool:

From ceiling fans to air conditioning vents, DusterPro is your go-to cleaning companion for all high surfaces. It’s an essential addition to any household cleaning arsenal, promising versatility and exceptional cleaning performance.


  • Material: PVC handle, stainless steel telescopic expandable rod, superfine microfiber head.

Transform your cleaning routine with DusterPro and enjoy a cleaner, healthier living space effortlessly. Embrace innovation and efficiency with every swipe—order yours today from Dreamzhub.


Is the duster suitable for use on delicate surfaces like glass or electronics?

Yes, absolutely! The soft feather tips and microfiber material ensure gentle cleaning, making it safe to use on delicate surfaces without risking scratches or damage.

Can the duster reach high areas like ceiling corners and fan blades?

Yes, the bendable design of the duster allows it to reach high and difficult-to-access areas with ease, ensuring thorough cleaning throughout your home.

How durable is the bendable handle?

The bendable handle is designed to be sturdy and durable, providing reliable performance over time. However, it's important to avoid excessive bending to maintain its integrity.

How do I clean my bendable microfiber feather duster?

You can clean the microfiber feather duster by gently shaking it to remove loose dust and debris. For deeper cleaning, you can hand wash it with mild detergent and warm water, then allow it to air dry.

Can I use the duster on delicate surfaces like electronics or fragile items?

Yes, the soft and gentle microfiber material makes it safe to use on delicate surfaces like electronics, glass, and fragile items without the risk of scratching or damaging them.

How do I bend the duster to reach difficult-to-access areas?

The bendable design allows you to easily adjust the shape of the duster to reach tight or high areas. Simply flex the handle or shaft of the duster to the desired angle for optimal reach and cleaning.

Is the microfiber material machine washable?

Yes, most microfiber feather dusters are machine washable. You can launder them in a washing machine with mild detergent on a gentle cycle. Be sure to air dry them afterward to maintain their effectiveness.

Can the duster be used for wet or dry dusting?

Yes, microfiber feather dusters are versatile and can be used for both wet and dry dusting. For dry dusting, use the duster as is to attract and trap dust particles. For wet dusting, lightly dampen the microfiber material with water or a cleaning solution to effectively capture and remove dirt and grime.

Customer Reviews

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Veenu Sandal
Excellent product

Makes cleaning (and a part of life) so much easier!

Gaurav KushwahaGaurav Kushwaha
A handy Mircrofiber Feather Duster

The long handle and it's soft microfiber feather makes this an amazing house cleaning tool. It allows an easy access to otherwise difficult to reach corner. The cleaning of celing fan blades has become so easy with this amazing product.

Useful product

It's a sturdy product. Extension of the rod is extremely good to use and able to reach ceiling heights. Microfibre cloth bends as per convenience, easy to use. Ultimate product which saves your cleaning time.

Nirmit Premware
Very useful

Total very good product quality also very good, very useful to clean loft,cealing, fan, spider webs, high areas, easy to use also, value for money.

Carol Dias
very useful

excellent product

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