Professional 6 in 1 Hair Trimmer

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Package Contains:

1 x Metal hair trimmer
1 x Charger
3x Combs

Color: Gold

Ideal for: Men

Rechargeable Cordless 120 Minutes Runtime

Trim Hair Perfectly Clean Without Irritation or Cuts
Say goodbye to weak electric hair trimmers that easily nick, cut, and irritate your skin because there is now a much better option for you!

With this Buddha Pro Trimmer, you'll never have to worry about cutting or irritating your sensitive skin ever again when shaving or trimming your hair. This electric trimmer cuts everything super CLEAN, and with 100% ACCURACY!

Create Different Hairstyles With No Skin Irritation

  • The blades are very sharp, safe, and leave perfect lines. It makes shaving more comfortable and is very easy to use.

  • It is ideal for trimming, customizing, and carving hair shapes. This will be the best trimmer you have ever owned. 

  • The trimmer has sharp and smooth metal blades with complete versatility to help you create a nice variety of hairstyles that match your personality.

Quiet Operation For Night Operation

The Buddha Pro Trimmer is powerful yet quiet. Its sharp blades capture and cut each hair evenly for a professional look. Fast and labor-saving this clipper offers minimal noise and precision control.

About the product
Electric Pro Li Outliner Grooming Rechargeable Cordless Close Cutting T-Blade Trimmer for Men 0mm Baldheaded Hair Clippers Zero Gapped Detail Beard Shaver Barbershop 
Recommended by our professional barber “⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”-Hair Cutting Capes for Adult/Kids


Usage/ Benefits:

Pro Grooming: Stylish appearance, small and portable, can easily create a variety of hairstyles. The enhanced automatic sharpened precision and durable blades designed for home haircuts are durable, fast, easy and precise for cutting hair.

Professional Hair Clippers: It is easy to cut hair and will not block your hair. The R-shaped round blade, which is in gentle contact with the skin, can avoid accidental damage to the skin surface.

6 in 1 Hair Clipper: Personal care hair clipper with 3 high-quality ABS plastic accessory shields: 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, also includes adapter, cleaning brush. Suitable for man, woman, elderly, baby, child, barbershop.

Portable & Low Noise: These low-noise high-performance hair clippers have a cordless run time of 120 minutes, USB charging is very suitable for your daily and travel use, you can take it anywhere. Make your life more convenient!
Perfect Gift: Our hair clipper has a stylish shape, small and portable, easy to hold, which will be your ideal choice in the hair clipper. At the same time, it is also the best gift for your husband and boyfriend.

Professional T Trimmers  Cordless Hair trimmer equipped with 3 kinds of guide combs(1mm,2mm,3mm) of different length, suitable for trimming inch head, pattern. Not easy to scratch the skin.

FAQs - 


What does the 6 in 1 feature mean?

The 6 in 1 feature indicates that our Professional Hair Trimmer comes with six different attachments or functions, offering versatility for various hair grooming needs.

What are the six functions included with the trimmer?

The six functions include hair clipping, beard trimming, nose and ear hair grooming, precision detailing, and body grooming. Each attachment is designed to cater to specific grooming requirements.

Is the Professional Hair Trimmer suitable for all hair types?

Yes, our trimmer is designed to be versatile and suitable for all hair types. Whether you have coarse or fine hair, you can achieve a clean and precise trim with our 6 in 1 Hair Trimmer.

Is the trimmer cordless, or does it require a power source?

Our Professional Hair Trimmer is cordless for convenient and hassle-free grooming. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery for extended usage on a single charge.

Can I use the trimmer for wet and dry grooming?

This trimmer is designed for dry use. It is not waterproof, so it's important to avoid using it in the shower or other wet conditions to ensure its longevity and optimal performance.

How do I clean the trimmer attachments?

The attachments can be easily detached and cleaned with water or a small brush provided with the trimmer. Make sure to follow the cleaning instructions in the user manual for proper maintenance.

Customer Reviews

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Satheesan Vadakapat

Not as expected. Good for trimming but not satisfied with results for shaving.

Hilal Ahmad Bhatt

Not seen such a worst quality throughout my life. If you can please refund me. Honestly speaking

It's nyc product

It's good product

S MD Haneef
Good Product ,Whorthy of Amount

Good Product, Amount also Less ,Nice

Gurudas naik
Really nice product value for money

It's is very good product nice to handle value for money 💸💰

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