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Wall latex paint with a rolling brush, using eco-friendly latex paint material, odorless and harmless to health, and dries quickly. Strong covering ability, painting without leaving any marks, bringing clean and tidy improvement to the room environment. Equipped with a rolling brush, attaching the paint to the wall, and convenient to use.

Wall latex paint with a rolling brush, super convenient for fast painting and repairing the problem area without soiling hands.

Latex paint with strong covering ability, suitable to repair mold, cracks, graffiti on the wall, dries quickly in 3-4 hours without leaving marks. Giving you brand new, clean and professional-looking results.

Made of eco-friendly materials without formaldehyde and odour, completely safe and effective for home improvement, which is perfect for repairing cracks, nail holes, peeling walls, graffiti and stains on walls.

  • [Wall Repair Paste Roller] -- Wall paint repair paste comes with a roller brush, which is very convenient, everything you need to repair the wall is in one simple tool, this product creates a quick-drying patch.

  • [Safe to use] -- Made of high-quality eco-friendly materials, odorless and harmless to our body, use it for various projects at home.

  • [Quick And Easy] -- Repair dirty wall surfaces easily and quickly, it dries hard enough to hold nails or screws. Patching is almost invisible, then gives you professional results.

  • [Save Time] -- Paint without leaving marks, dry quickly in 3-4 hours, and complete everything you need for minor repairs.
  • [Quick Finish] -- With this wall paint repairing paste, you can save time and money, repair almost invisible, and help you repair graffiti and cracks on the wall.

How to Use:


Basic treatment: Remove dust, oil stains and other surface stains


Material preparation and installation: Rotate to open the bottle cap, tear off the paint outlet sealing film, and install the roller head


Brushing construction: Extrude latex paint and try rolling on paper, let the latex paint totally wet the roller brush, and then brush on the parts that need to be brushed


Completion of construction: After opening the product, it is recommended to use it up at one time. If it is not used up at one time, the brush head needs to be washed with water and dried, otherwise the product will block the paint outlet after drying, which will affect the use effect.

FAQs -

Q:How to use it ?

A:Just pest on where it's crack and still wait for dry.

Q:It's use for terrace water leckage?

Q:Is it waterproof ?
A:Yes, just use

Q:Is it fill up wall thick crack ?

Q:Whether it is durable at 50 degree C temperature (in harsh sunlight)?

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