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Pain Relief Massager/EMS Massager

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Self-adhesive device, providing focused relief to the desired body location. Relieves stiffness and soreness in the muscles while triggering muscle pressure. Compact and transportable You can have a massage wherever you like, including your bedroom or office. It is quite practical for travelling and is easy to tuck into a pocket or pouch. This massager is portable, so you can use it anywhere. Target loose adipose tissue while relieving muscle soreness and activating muscle pressure to have a calming effect. A lymphatic drainage massager helps ease pain and stiffness in the muscles while enhancing blood flow. The Lovely Bamboo Lymphatic Drainage Massager may provide you with an immediate massage, whether you have muscle pain or weariness or simply want to unwind. A mini massager that is extremely quiet and portable can be used at home, the gym, or the workplace.

8 Modes and 19 Levels Adjustable

Neck Massager has 8 modes of neck massage modes and free combination modes to choose from. Users can simply adjust the levels using the + / - buttons on the device according to personal needs. Giving you the feeling of a real massage, and getting the effect of relieving fatigue. The recommended duration of use is 20 minutes each time.

Multi Modes

Cervical massager sticker with 8 modes and 19 levels of strength for you to choose, which can let you experience professional massage service.

USB Charging

Mini Lymphatic Drainage Massager can be used about 20 times after only 2 hours of full charge (15-20 minutes for one use). USB charging can provide a more stable power supply with a longer service life.


Tired of dealing with stubborn body fat? Then remove it with the right fitness equipment! Start with the portable electric massager that helps break down fat and cellulite from your arms, stomach, thighs and legs. Check it out below:

✅ Burn and break down fat faster

Our portable electric massager is designed to promote fat burning anywhere on the body. With the help of EMS vibrations, you can easily get rid of stubborn fat problems in the waist, thighs or arms.

✅ Boost your metabolism

With its modern and well thought-out design, it is ideal for aches and pains caused by daily life (whether at work, school or home) and muscle tension. This powerful massager not only promotes local blood circulation, but also provides a highly effective treatment specifically designed to relax muscles and relieve neck pain, swelling, local inflammation and fatigue.


✅ Ten intensity levels to suit your needs

Our device has 10 different intensity levels that you can set in the 6 modes we have provided. Choose the program that suits you best and adjust the intensity according to your preferences - then this is the perfect solution for you!



Item Type: Neck Massage Sticker
Material:  ABS
Battery Type: Battery
Battery Capacity: 150mAh (Included)

Package List:-

-- 1 x Cervical Massager
-- 1 x Sticker
-- 1 x Charging Cable

FAQs -

Q:How many pathes/pads in box ?
A:1 pad

Q:Can we have remote with this item ?
Q:How much time battery ?
A:Approx 1 Hour on Single Charge

Q:Charging system it's item ?

Q:Battery life kitni hai eski ?

Q:It is chargeable?

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