Metal Repair Agent

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This product is mainly used for iron, steel castings filled blisters, pores or cracks, casting defects, high cured hardness, can be used at 100-150?. Made of epoxy resin, hardener, active diluent and various high-quality materials. This should help make your DIY metal repairs easy and fast!
Features: Repair cracked or damaged metals back to perfection with the Heat Resistance Metal Repair Adhesive! It has high temperature resistance and can withstand temperatures up to 150 C. When fully cured, it has the same hardness as iron and uniform thickness of bond line. It has a wide range of uses, mainly for cast steel and holes, can also be used for oil tanks, pipelines, broken concrete, etc. Simple operation steps, preparation and application are simple and easy. 
Make every complicated bonding project into an effortless quick fix with this magic quick repairing AB glue!

A great fixing glue that is formulated of fine epoxy to create a professional, permanent bond without the unsightly welding seams. Perfect for repairing various household DIYs to complex industrial projects such as pipes, engines, radiator, heater, water tank, automobiles, handles, appliances, mechanical equipment and so on. Simply mix the A and B glue together before applying it to your damaged material and you're done. No worries as it has an impressive quick-drying formula that allows it to fully cure in just an overnight for a secured bonding form.

This easy, quick-fix glue can successfully withstand temperatures from -60°C up to 150°C without flowing, sagging or shrinking. Moreover, its mixed cured form has a superior impact resistance so it can be freely polished or sanded with no problems. You don’t have to do complicated soldering, welding, screwing and drillings anymore to create stronger bonds and repairs.       

A long-lasting magic repairing AB glue that should be in every man and woman’s tool box!


  • Permanent Bonding
    A high-strength AB glue sealant that is specifically formulated to perform a superior bonding for the long haul. Allowing to create a successful connection between materials, fixing or sealing without the unsightly results of welding seams or soldering. No worries as it does not dissipate or wear even after an extensive year. Perfect for a variety of household DIYs to your big and intricate industrial projects.     


  • Quick Drying Feature
    This heavy-duty adhesive offers an impressive formula that allows it to completely cure in a breeze. All you have to do is to let it dry overnight for a fully secured, permanent bonding. Saving you an intensive amount of time for more tasks rather than the tiresome and complicated soldering, welding, screwing and drillings.
  • Extreme Temperature Resistance
    The quick-fixing glue has an exceptional temperature resistance that can withstand from -60°C up to 150°C. It does not shrink, flow or even sag so you don’t have to worry anymore about moisture and the incessant changing of seasons. This AB bond also provides a high impact resistance which allows the cured solution to be polished or sand without damaging.


  • Easy to Use
    Both the A and B glue come with convenient, easy squeeze tubes for a low-hassle application. Providing you precise and excellent control so you can dispense a proper amount anytime without the messy drips or sudden flows. Simply mix first the A glue and B glue in a 1:1 ratio then apply the mixed adhesive to your damaged pieces. Make sure that it's fully filled up to avoid gaps and wait for it to dry and form and you're done. Ideal for beginners, professionals, DIYers, and workers.

  • Wide Application
    The magic permanent glue can be applied to filled gaps, bond or fix materials, including metal, wood, ceramic tile, glass, stone and so on. Suitable for pipes, engines, radiator, heater, water tank, door handle, bike handle, household appliances, mechanical equipment and more possibilities. 

 FAQs -

Question:What do I need to pay attention to when using it?

Answer:Sand the metal surface, stir well and wait 24 hours, this metal repair glue works very well. 

Question:Tensile strength ? Temperature use range?

Answer: Play Video I use it in a 2005 rav4 bumper and it is hard like toasted plastic so it looks good 

Question:What is the maximum temperature?

Answer:I don't know the max temp, but I patched a hot pipe from my water heater and it is doing just fine. Hope this help 

Question:Will this glue chair stem casters to wood? I am wanting to make some wood roll around plant stands but don't have the stem sleeves for my casters.

Answer:No, this product is for bonding metal. 

Question:is that gasoline resistant?

Answer:Not sure, never used it around gasoline.

Question:How does this metal glue work on broken cast iron mail boxes?

Answer:Yes, it works on all metals. Grind off and clean up all rust. Preparation is very important. 

Question:Is it waterproof?

Answer:I use it to repair water pipe. 

Question:I need to glue two pieces of metal together, will this work?

Answer:Yes, this product works very well. I sand the metal surface, stir well for 5 minutes, and then press the two pieces of metal firmly together. Wait 24 hours, it works really well. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Strong as weld

Good it is strong like a weld worked well for me

Alka gurao
Working as expected strong bonding

Take in equal part don't mix with good tooth pick or strong earbuds pipe or similar material.Good results when surfaces are cleaned before applying and works best on same type of material i.e. wood to wood stone to stone and plastic to plastic.Rest time is required bit more then mentioned could be due to environment or weather conditions.

Great fix

This was just what I needed. It was really easy to mix and use. I needed it to fix a piece of a metal wagon I own. I simply mixed equal parts of these two tubes on a paper plate with a popsicle stick, then applied to bond a metal to metal area. There next day I used the wagon to tow around 2-3 kids at a time while visiting the zoo. Mott once problem during our 6 hr outing. The J.B. weld dried dark grey/black and blended perfectly. Very satisfied.

Hareek kaur
Amazing on metal to metal bonding

After having tried 3 other glues (including gorilla glue which was useless!) to stick our tap handle back on (which wasn't a tight fit and the threads were faulty so it was very loose and wobbly) this was the only one that worked. It cured super fast and is now solid 😃Will update if it snaps but fingers crossed it stays in place

J and C Shio
Strong and easy to use!

I have a gold locker with a cameo in it. I just paid $100 to get it fixed because the loop that hangs on the chain broke. When the cameo fell off (I’m sure knocked loose by the previous repair), I didn’t feel like shelling out more money. I purchased this and crossed my fingers. I’m so glad I did! It was easy to mix and my cameo is in the nice and firm! I still have so much left, I know I will be using it for many more projects!

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