Lint Shaver for Clothes

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Lint Shaver for Clothes

Preserve the Freshness of Your Garments and Fabrics with the Portable Lint Remover! The safety lock ensures your hands and fingers stay protected from the blades, ensuring worry-free garment maintenance. The removable collection container simplifies emptying and cleaning.

Large Net Cover with 3 Sizes of Mesh

The large net increases 30% shaving area than others. With 3 sizes of mesh, easy to deal with all type of lint. Such as Sweater, Sofa, Scarf and so on.

Two power operations

The Battery operation mode is suitable for travel or no sockets. The AC 120V mode is perfect for home & long time use. Ac mode on the left, battery mode on the right.

3 Shave Heights

Different heights for different clothes. Rotating the cover to choose an appropriate height , and then you can easily shave the buzz lint for your fabric.

 Efficient Shaving Head

Our lint shaver's head boasts a generously sized stainless-steel blade, covering ample surface area in just one stroke. Furthermore, it excels at capturing lint of all sizes, thanks to its three distinct hole sizes. For delicate fabrics, the lint shaver offers an adjustable height cap.

Robust Performance
Equipped with a sturdy motor, this lint shaver delivers swift results and maintains high-quality performance, ensuring your garments stay pristine from one use to the next.

Safety Assurance
The lint remover incorporates an automatic stop feature when the blade cover is open or becomes loose. This safety mechanism serves as a safeguard for you and your loved ones, preventing accidents.

User-Friendly Operation
Featuring an ergonomic design and convenient battery operation, the lint remover is not only easy to use but also a pleasure to handle. Simply glide the remover over your fabric's surface to effortlessly "shave" away lint (attach the distance ring to the shaver head if necessary). The powerful suction efficiently collects all the removed fuzz in the lint container, which can be easily detached and cleaned. Witness the immediate, smooth, and even results on your clothing and fabrics.

Durable & Potent Suction
The three rotary, washable alloy blades boast sharpness, durability, and resistance to rust, making them adept at eliminating bothersome fuzz and fabric pills. As these blades spin, they generate robust suction, effectively drawing all unwanted lint into the container.


Can someone tell me the actual size of the device? 

 It is about 5 1/2"'s long by 2 1/2" W and 2 1/2" Deep.

Before using How many hour the machine needs to put charger?

This does not come with a built in rechargeable battery so their is nothing to charge/recharge. It comes with a 6 inch long Cord in which on one end has a USB connector for a Power Source/Charger block. The other end of the cord has a Micro USB connection that connects to the bottom section of the lint shaver. It runs better connected to a USB source compared to running it with just any run of the mill AA batteries. One other note… it only comes with the USB cord. It does not come with its own USB Power Source/Charger block.

Will the usb cord charge the device so it can be used without the cord attached? Also, will the batteries be used alone to run the device?

That's a great question. No, the device is not chargeable.

What size is the actual head on the shaver?

The shaver head on this unit is just under 2 inches.

Can it be used on mattresses?

I wouldn’t see why you couldn’t! It would sure take a long time.

Customer Reviews

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Brahma PrakashBrahma Prakash
Working nice

It is working as expected and i am Happy

Sarfaraz AhmedSarfaraz Ahmed
Nice Product

The Lint Remover works very well. Used on different types of clothes and works well on all clothes. It is easy to use and handle. The tray is easily detachable. Overall a good product.

Before and after using the product worth buying it

Ordered this product and got this product delivered today and I am really satisfied with the product . The above images are before and after using the product and I must say I am really impressed and would suggest everyone that it’s worth buying the product 5/5

Tanpreet Singh chawlaTanpreet Singh chawla
Good product

This is best product in this price range. This lint remover from dremzhub is a game-changer. Its design makes it easy to use, and it effortlessly removes lint from clothes without damaging them. It's durable and reliable, making it a must-have for anyone dealing with lint issues. Highly recommend!

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