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Easy Vegetable Grater

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The manual plastic vegetable cutter will make your day-to-day cooking life a lot easier. Finish your food preparation with three interchangeable blades and makes slicing, shredding, and grinding easily. The plastic vegetable cutter is a must in any kitchen! This plastic vegetable cutter is the best material for the kitchen and saves your precious time.



Finish your food preparation with three interchangeable blades. This cutter makes slicing, shredding, and grinding easy. Perfect for cucumber, carrot, potato, onion, cheese, chocolate, garlic, & even peanuts, almonds. Skip the tedious cleaning method and make your cleaning simple. The cutter is simple to wash by hand, and it will dry quickly.

The rotary cheese grater has three different round shape slicer. It facilitates you to slice, shred, and grinds of any foods while not having to touch it with your hands. Material is safe, 100% BPA free, and non-poisonous. Unique rotating drum cutting design, which makes the drum grater cut the ingredients 12x faster than other cheese shredders. Effortless rotating, and spend less time to get prepared food.


The blades and other parts can be separated. The plastic vegetable cutter is the best material for your kitchen! It has excellent quality and easy to clean. Perfect for creating salads, soups, and stews (foods). Available in many beautiful colors. It is far greater handy to cook. This cutter is honestly the best gift for family and friends! We believe the rotary grater will give you the best experience. Get yours soon!


 Reasons To Buy

  • The rotary cheese grater has three different interchangeable round shape slicer
  • Perfect for creating salads, soups, and stews (foods)
  • This cutter makes slicing, shredding, and grinding easily
  • Material is safe, 100% BPA free, and non-poisonous
  • Cut the ingredients 12x faster than other cheese shredders
  • Effortless rotating, and spend less time to get prepared food.


1.Is this cutter heavyweight? 

Answer: No, the cutter is light and easy to handle.

2. How many blades does this package include? 

Answer: The package includes three blades.

3. Is this cutter BPA-free?

Answer: Yes, the cutter is 100% BPA-free.

4. Is this cheese grater rotatable? 

Answer: Yes, the cheese grater is rotatable

5. Is this grater safe to wash?

Answer: Yes, the grater is safe to wash


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