Dreamzhub Cockroach Catcher: Automatic Pest Control Solution

Automatic Cockroach Catcher

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About this item

The utility model relates to a trap for cockroach which is made of macromolecular compound. The trap for cockroach is characterized in that a one-way movable door is provided with a palp hole, and the one-way door is positioned by a hook of the door opening which hooks on a hooking hole of the one-way door. In addition, the inner part of the trap for cockroach is provided with a device for containing bait; the distance from the device for containing bait to the one-way door is preferred to be able for a cockroach to reach from the outer side of the one-way door. One face of the trap for cockroach can be transparent and detachable for the convenience of observing the cockroach being caught and pouring out the cockroach for killing.




  • Safe cockroach catcher with no harm, safety and health, not pollute the tableware and food, environmental protection and no energy consumption
  • Material:Plastic, Made of premium material, non-toxic and eco-friendly. No harm to newborn or pregnant woman

  • Multi-layer design, easy to disassemble and install. Reusable, can be use after cleaning Easy entry access cockroach killer with multiple entry points for easy access, box design fits into small, tight corners
  • Long lasting cockroach trap box starts killing cockroaches within hour. The Bait Will Be Placed In The Bottom 5 Leaching Area The Box Can Be Reused After Cleaning And Drying.

  • Made of high quality PP material, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. No harm to newborns or pregnant women.
  • Multi-layer design, easy to disassemble and install. Reusable, can be used after cleaning.
  • Ideal for catching annoying insects such as cockroaches, spiders, ants and other insects.
  • Seduce physical prison keeping, cockroaches with food. Close it in the trap.
  • No electricity, no ultrasound, no electromagnetism and no additional noise.
  • Package Include : 1 * Cockroach Catcher

How to use:

  • Open the box, drop into the bait (safe & no-toxic) as the pictures.
  • Close the box and put into the places where the cockroaches appear often. If no cockroach’s catches after a few days please change the places you locate the box.
  • After some cockroaches in, no action needed, the body smell of the cockroaches will attract more roaches in.

  • After get more cockroaches. You can use hot water drowning, or exposure under the sunlight, or let them go far from your house.
  • This box can be used many times, after the first use; you can use some cookies etc food as bait.

Material: plastic + metal
The package includes: 1 pc cockroach catcher & 3 pcs of bait


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